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7 Ways to Get more Veggies in your Diet

Vegetables are rich in nutrients and antioxidants that have several health benefits including reducing the risk of heart disease, some types of cancer, and lower blood pressure. We can all agree that vegetables are key to a healthy diet and lifestyle. However, sometimes eating salads can get boring and tough. Here are 7 fun ways you could incorporate vegetables into your diet so that you never get sick of eating them

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The Perfect Avocado Toast

We know what you're thinking - not ANOTHER avocado toast recipe - right? Like how much can you expand upon such a delicious and already perfect thing? Well we tried our best, and think that we have something even more delicious (and nutritious) that the OG Avocado Toast by adding in a few nutrient-packed extras, like our Sun Dried Tomato Basil Power Veggie Bites and micro greens. Best of all - this should be ready to go in less than 5 minutes :) 

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