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Appleton's Market Power Veggie Bites collage with fresh ingredients, vegetables, eggs,  black beans, frozen snacks paleo and keto friendly gluten free grain free dairy free


Power Veggie Bites

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What are Power Veggie Bites?

Delicious, filling, and around 100 calories, Power Veggie Bites prove you can eat more fiber and veggies AND have it taste good. These frozen bites are full of healthy greens, hearty quinoa, and a ton of flavor to turn a snack into a mini meal in less than a minute.

Because convenience shouldn't mean compromise

You want it all - taste, nutrition, and ease - and you want it now. We're here to help.
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Our Story

Our Ingredients

Fresh ingredients collage, Swiss chard, kale, farm fresh eggs, carrots, cracked pepper, quinoa, chickpea garbanzo bean flour, spices broccoli power veggie bites
packaging collage of power veggie bites delicious frozen snacks mini meals fresh vegetables protein eggs fiber and healthy fats with great convenience

Our Packaging

Proudly made in Los Angeles